Taking Care of Pets

Taking Care of Pets

Pawz and Ribbon

Nowadays, families own more than one pet. It is not surprise these days to get that each family member has their own pet. On the other hand, unlike many years ago, pets are nowadays loved and be cared for. You will find pets with ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon wrapped around their necks to make them look attractive and for easy handling.

Observe the factors below to make your pet not only beautiful and attractive but healthy as well;

  • Food

Pets need a balanced diet just like you and me. You can get the information from pet food stores or from a veterinarian to know the specific types of food to give your pet. Pets also need to eat their foods regularly, that is, twice a day. However, baby pets need to be fed more often. Normal human food can make pets sick and should thus be avoided. If you need to change the diet of your pet, it should be gradual to avoid stress to the pet. Ensure their eating place is quiet and protected to ensure their comfort.

  • Clean Water

I’m sure that you cannot take dirty water, right? You should apply the same standard when giving your pets drinking water. In other words, ensure the pet gets clean water.

  • Housing

A cool place to settle your pet is essential to its health and should not be downplayed. The house, whether cage, tank, should be safe and free from wind, rain, cold or hot sun. The pet should stay indoors at night to stay protected from bad weather and dangers such as coyotes attack at night. If the pet is treated like part of the family, it will be more bonded to you and your family.

  • Potty

Cats use litter boxes, dogs need special-lined areas. The potty should be regularly cleaned.

  • Walking and Playtime

Just like a person, pets need physical activity to keep fit. To this end, you should walk your dog to dog parks and let it play with others. If you live in a house with a yard, you can play fetch with your dog, run or hike. Cats too need exercise and playing with the car daily keeps it fit. Get cat toys so enable them play when you are not around. Exercise wheels on gerbils and hamsters cages will make them more comfortable and healthy.

  • Groom your pets

Wrapping a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon around a dog’s neck is important but certainly not enough. Pets need you to brush and comb their hair every day to get rid of lose fur, dust and leaves that may get tangled on its fur. Check for ticks and fleas. Bathe a dog every month and bathe a cat every after a few months.

  • Take Pets to a Veterinarian

Pets are often affected by diseases. Besides they need de-worming and spraying to get rid of fleas and ticks on their skins. A regular visit to a veterinarian comes handy and keeps the pets healthy.

Show love and affection to the pets

Pets are part of your family and as such, showing them love and affection will bring them much closer to you. This is achieved by spending time with the pet every day. You can have a few minutes after work when you play with the pet. Get ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon for the cat and the dog to play with.

By Pawz and Ribbon