Treating joint pains in dogs

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Pawz and RibbonIf you haven’t kept a dog or any other pet, for a long time, you must be hearing this for the first time but it is certainly a fact that dogs and other animals, just like humans, do suffer from joint-pain. These pains can be really troublesome to animals if not controlled or taken care of at earlier stages. Arthritis – as this pain is commonly referred to, is a disease that any pet keeper cannot afford to take for granted. Once a smart dog keeper realizes that their dog is suffering from this disease, they will definitely want to keep them comfortable including getting the pet a personalized ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon.


Personalized ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon will not only make you comfortable to move around, but you will also be in a position to manage or even restrict its movement, particularly if it is suffering from arthritis. But that is not enough to keep this degenerative condition in check.

It is important to make sure you do the following to restore your dog’s good health;

  • Seek medical attention immediately

Once you suspect or see any arthritis symptoms in your dog, the wise thing you can do is seeking medical attention right away. In spite of the fact that arthritis tends to be a bit common in dogs, this condition mainly affects overweight, inactive and aging dogs. Therefore, if your dog falls in any of these three categories, you should be very careful and closely monitor its health.

  • Diet and nutrition

Veterinarians say that diet and nutrition plays a very important role in making sure dogs avoid arthritis or to at least manage this condition. Insufficient minerals and vitamins in dogs’ diets can weaken their immune system and, as a result, making the pet more susceptible in developing arthritis. To avoid that, always feed your dog with a diet full of all the required vitamins and nutrients.

  • Check the food you buy

Did you know that not all dog food have the minerals and nutrients they purport to be having? Yeah, that is right. That is just why you need to check the commercial food you buy for your dog. For instance, you may see certain commercial food being advertised as having human grade meat but that might not be the case. Also, it essential to know that your dog might be in more pain in the event that you feed him with certain food stuff that have too much calories.

  • Engage your dog in regular exercise

As mentioned above, inactive dogs are at higher risk of developing arthritis hence the need to make your dog exercise regularly. That is the point where special ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon come into the picture. The ribbons come in handy when guiding your dog during the training sessions.

However, do not force him to train in case your pet is suffering from severe arthritis. Make sure you subject him to some low-key exercises that will not hurt the pet or worsen its condition.


Most Loving Pets to Keep at Home

Most Loving Pets to Keep at Home


Nature has blesses mankind with plenty of gifts and surprises we come across each day. Animals and birds are one of the most amazing gift from nature. Human race has learned to stay with different domestic and non-domestic animals with the help of the experiences of the ancestors. Here is a list of some most loving pets which you can keep at home. These pets not only make you feel happy but also keep you busy and active.



When it comes to the pets, we cannot forget the role of dogs. Dog is said to be the most faithful companion of human being. It is a highly social animal and loves to live with a family. Dogs are quite intelligent as well. They perform different roles at home where they are kept. Dogs are playful and remain busy around the clock. They also watch the house in your absence and guarantee the security. While keeping a dog as a pet you should choose a friendly breed rather than terriers and other breeds known for fighting and aggression.



I know that every one of you is eager to read about cats. Cats are the cutest animals kept as a pet. They are friendly, playful and mischievous. Cat is a best choice as a pet when it comes to a family with kids. You should remain aware of the fact that a house with longhair cat breeds such as Persian Cats and Maine Coon should be kept clean every day. The reason is that longhair cat breeds shed a lot of hair during specific seasons and this hair can cause allergy. Cats are very intelligent and they get trained for the toilet with in a day or two. Once they know the place for litter, they never forget it.



It is very easy to manage rabbits as compared to the dogs. But it never means that they do not require attention. Rabbits are natural nibblers and you must keep them safe from the electric wires. You must have a small orchard in your house to keep rabbits. Rabbits stay under the ground and they dig underground tunnels. You can do this job on their behalf.



Those who love birds are always big lovers of parrots. Parrots are attractive and intelligent creature. They not only give a pleasant look but also have the ability to imitate your sounds. The average age of a parrot is much more than the cats or dogs. An African parrot can live up to 60 years.

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Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

A pet shop cannot be declared as complete without cats. Whenever we talk about pets, the first image which come to our mind is of a cat. Cats are known for their cute appearance, mischievousness and extremely affectionate physical contact. There are countless number of cat breeds that are found across the whole world. When talking about domestic pet cats we recall the longhair Maine Coon and punch faced Persian cats. But there are a number of other breeds loved by the people in different countries. Some of these are discussed in this article.

The Oriental Cat

This cat is closer to the Siamese. It has big pointed hair and is quite playful and curious about the surroundings. It is very social and creates strong bonds with the owners. It loves to communicate through different sounds and keeps on demanding from the owner. The average weight of an oriental cat is from 5 lb. to 8 lb. They can live up to 15 years but be careful that they suffer from dental plague so keep in touch with the veterinary doctor.

The Birman

Birman is said to be the native of Burma. According to the legends the Birman cats guarded the Burmese temples. This sturdy cat has long and silky hair. Its hair are thin as compared to the hair of Persian cat. There are dark points on its ears and is well known for its blue eyes. It also has snow white boots on its paws. It never disturbs you when you are busy but it loves to play with you during your free time.

The Ragdoll

This cat was named Ragdoll back in 1960s because it remains extremely relaxed when someone picks it up. It follows you from one room to the other just like a puppy. It does not use its teeth and claws during the playtime. It has a poor self-defense so you should not let aggressive animals come near the Ragdoll. The male Ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds which makes it a huge domestic cat. It can live up to 15 years but the average age is 12 years.


Siamese is the most popular pet cat after Persian and Maine Coon. Siamese cat breed is characterized by the dark patches on the face and ears. Siamese may have different colors the most common is brown. People all over the world keep Siamese at their homes just because of a cool and soothing look. These cats are quite loving and affectionate and your kids are going to love one of them at your home.

By Pawz and Ribbon