What you need to know when traveling with Dogs

Nowadays, dogs have become part and parcel of families especially in America. It is no wonder dogs are not left behind even when families go for vacations. You will see dogs wrapped in ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon in dog parks, doggy spas and in other dog-friendly businesses. When traveling with your dog, it is important to consider, your destination, the activities you will carry out there and the time you will set aside for your dog on a daily basis. If you are not planning to visit pet-friendly destinations, it will be prudent to hire a pet-sitter or leave the pet with a friend.

Below are factors to consider when traveling with your dog:

Dog safety in short car rides

Most accidents occur at home and thus when traveling with your dog over short distances, it is important that you consider their safety. Even though your car is safe for your dog, you should always buckle it up to avoid accidents. You can get accident tested harnesses and/or dog seats to ensure the dog stays safe while traveling in your car. The dog should stay inside and never stick out the head through the window. The dog should be restrained in the back seat and should never ride in the front seat with you.

Long Car Rides

Dogs need to eat regularly and thus you should feed them before the long trip. You should also make stops after every two hours to feed your dog and offer water to it. Always have the dog collars on or just a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon with the owners name inscribed on it. This ensures that in case of an accident and the dog panics, you will get it back within a short time. Never leave the dog in your car even for a few minutes.


It is not advisable to fly with your dog. According to Catherine Miller, Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research director, dogs feel insecure flying and will be restless throughout the flight. However, if you must fly with your dog, ensure it is small enough to stay on the cabin with you. The dog should fit beneath your seat. Check with the airline policies before taking your dog with you. If the dog is big, choosing a good courier is important. The dog should be trained to stay for long lonesome hours in the crate. The crate should be comfortable for the dog with water and food for the dog.

Camping and Hotels

If you are going camping or you will be living in a hotel room, check the pet policies of the destinations to ensure that your pet has a place. Never let the dog run loose. There are dangers involved and since the dog loves new environments, you should restrict them. At night, the dog should always stay close to you. If you plan to live in a hotel, carry the dog crate and again have its collar on or a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon.



Treating joint pains in dogs

Pawz and Ribbon

Pawz and RibbonIf you haven’t kept a dog or any other pet, for a long time, you must be hearing this for the first time but it is certainly a fact that dogs and other animals, just like humans, do suffer from joint-pain. These pains can be really troublesome to animals if not controlled or taken care of at earlier stages. Arthritis – as this pain is commonly referred to, is a disease that any pet keeper cannot afford to take for granted. Once a smart dog keeper realizes that their dog is suffering from this disease, they will definitely want to keep them comfortable including getting the pet a personalized ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon.


Personalized ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon will not only make you comfortable to move around, but you will also be in a position to manage or even restrict its movement, particularly if it is suffering from arthritis. But that is not enough to keep this degenerative condition in check.

It is important to make sure you do the following to restore your dog’s good health;

  • Seek medical attention immediately

Once you suspect or see any arthritis symptoms in your dog, the wise thing you can do is seeking medical attention right away. In spite of the fact that arthritis tends to be a bit common in dogs, this condition mainly affects overweight, inactive and aging dogs. Therefore, if your dog falls in any of these three categories, you should be very careful and closely monitor its health.

  • Diet and nutrition

Veterinarians say that diet and nutrition plays a very important role in making sure dogs avoid arthritis or to at least manage this condition. Insufficient minerals and vitamins in dogs’ diets can weaken their immune system and, as a result, making the pet more susceptible in developing arthritis. To avoid that, always feed your dog with a diet full of all the required vitamins and nutrients.

  • Check the food you buy

Did you know that not all dog food have the minerals and nutrients they purport to be having? Yeah, that is right. That is just why you need to check the commercial food you buy for your dog. For instance, you may see certain commercial food being advertised as having human grade meat but that might not be the case. Also, it essential to know that your dog might be in more pain in the event that you feed him with certain food stuff that have too much calories.

  • Engage your dog in regular exercise

As mentioned above, inactive dogs are at higher risk of developing arthritis hence the need to make your dog exercise regularly. That is the point where special ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon come into the picture. The ribbons come in handy when guiding your dog during the training sessions.

However, do not force him to train in case your pet is suffering from severe arthritis. Make sure you subject him to some low-key exercises that will not hurt the pet or worsen its condition.

Pawz And Ribbon: The Place For Your Pets And Strays

Pawz and Ribbon

More and more people are having pets at home.  Curiously, lifestyles are also becoming hectic and more competitive than before.  Why care for a pet then which is an added responsibility?  Perhaps together with the hazards and downside of a busy lifestyle comes the awareness that health usually takes a backseat in these scenarios.  With the rising cost of healthcare, health is truly wealth.  For as long as there is health, one can create wealth.  But wealth on the other hand, is eroded by lack of health.

It has been established in modern times that emotional wellbeing directly impacts physical wellbeing.  That is to say if one is in a happy state, then the physical state is likewise enhanced.  This is perhaps one valid reason why more people turn to pets for companionship or simply to have a pet around to love and be loved back in return.  As human relationships are more complex to maintain, pets represent a simple, loving, and reliable alternative or addition.

Pet Hotel

Pawz and Ribbon is a heavenly pet haven for your pets whom you love dearly and who dearly love you back.  They deserve to be well cared for when you need to go and consequently leave them for a period of time.  They deserve to be safe in your absence as they are “family” to you.  Leave it to Pawz and Ribbon and worry not a bit about their condition.  They do what they do best:  caring for animals.

Animal Shelter

Animal lovers will be glad to know that Pawz and Ribbon is not merely a pet care or hotel  where your pets can stay when you are on holiday.  They are in essence also an animal shelter place that takes in stray animals.  So if you should come across any strays, they can give them the home they don’t have.

Where They Belong

Give the stray animals that cross your path some love.  If you cannot care for them personally in your own home, bring them to Pawz and Ribbon.  It is a place where animals belong.  Give your own pets at home a sense of belonging as well by giving them a beautiful collar from this reliable, caring, and safe animal shelter and hotel.  It is a great brand with lots of heart that your pets will surely love to return to over and over.

Pawz and Ribbon is a home away from home for cats as well

Pawz and Ribbon

Pets are usually domesticated creatures that you can cuddle and who cuddle you back.  Their loyalty to their owners is probably the most adorable thing about them.  Dogs are the most common kind, but there are numerous other kinds of animals that can be cared for at home as pets.  But the second most popular pets would have to be cats.  Cats are cute and they basically need physical contact in a more extreme way than dogs.  If you need to get away for a while be it for pleasure, business, or work, you would like to ensure that your cat or cats do not miss the physical contact they crave for.  Pawz and Ribbon is a place where they can get the care that you yourself should be giving them but cannot for a period of time.

Different Breeds of Cats

  • Main Coon and Persian – Whatever type of cat you may have, Pawz and Ribbon is trained to care for him or her. The most common pet cats are the Main Coon and Persian cats.  The former is characterized by longish hair while the latter has a punchface.  But there are other cat breeds that are also popular around the world and which Pawz and Ribbon is trained to care for.
  • Oriental – The oriental cat is similar to the Siamese breed. It is very playful and may stand out because of its big and pointed hair.  It is highly sociable and bonds strongly with whomever owns them.
  • Birman – The Birman is thought to have originated from Burma. Its hair is long and silky though not as thick as that of the Persian cat.  Their most distinctive features would have to be their blue eyes and white paws.
  • Ragdoll – This cat got its name because of its attitude. It is very poor in defence and like a ragdoll, will not have reflexes in its defense whenever it is scooped up.  Due to this characteristic, it is important to guard it against possible harm from other animals or people.
  • Siamese – The Siamese is the 3rd most known cat following the Persian and the Main Coon. Their distinctive physical features are their ears and faces which have dark-colored patches.  They come in different colors of which brown is the more common.

All of the above cat breeds or more, will surely feel at home in Pawz and Ribbon, a well-trained and reliable animal shelter and hotel.


Pets, Pawz and Ribbon

Pawz and Ribbon

Pawz and Ribbon is an animal shelter that cares.  Many human beings have a natural capacity and inclination to nurture not only their own kind, but animals as well.  Be it individuals or families, people have a soft spot for certain animals especially those they can live with and care for in their own homes.  The list is long and include rabbits and birds among others.  But considered to be the most common pets people prefer to have are dogs and cats.  Whichever they are, Pawz and Ribbon can accommodate them.

Holiday Away From Home

Yes, Pawz and Ribbon is a place for your pets, be it for some time or a long time, for whatever reason.  You may be going on a holiday, travelling on business or for work, undergoing house repairs or renovation, or any other circumstance that calls for an alternative place and care for your pet.  It’s not just a home away from home, it’s a holiday away from home.  Pets are loved and considered part of the family, unfortunately it is not always possible to bring them along especially on long trips.  Well, your worries are over.

Keeping Them Healthy

Caring and loving your pets is their specialty.  Pets need to be taken cared of properly and correctly so they can be both healthy and happy.

  • Water – Pets need an ample amount of water intake everyday. And not just any water, but clean water.
  • Food – Older pets require to be fed just two times in a day, but younger ones require feeding more often.
  • Hygiene – Pets need to be cleaned or bathed regularly though not necessarily on a daily basis. The ears, teeth, and nails also need looking after.  Fleas, if any, must be spotted early on to prevent them from multiplying.
  • Grooming – This is a crossover from hygienic procedures that have to be conducted on pets. In addition, pets also need to look their best.  Their fur should be trimmed and brushed periodically.
  • Social development- Like people, pets should also learn to socialize and mingle with their kind. Making friend and learning to co-exist in an environment filled with similar creatures can be a happy experience for them which in turn, can significantly improve their wellbeing.

So give your pets a caring brand.  And let them wear it too by getting  them a beautiful Pawz and Ribbon collar now.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking Care of Pets

Pawz and Ribbon

Nowadays, families own more than one pet. It is not surprise these days to get that each family member has their own pet. On the other hand, unlike many years ago, pets are nowadays loved and be cared for. You will find pets with ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon wrapped around their necks to make them look attractive and for easy handling.

Observe the factors below to make your pet not only beautiful and attractive but healthy as well;

  • Food

Pets need a balanced diet just like you and me. You can get the information from pet food stores or from a veterinarian to know the specific types of food to give your pet. Pets also need to eat their foods regularly, that is, twice a day. However, baby pets need to be fed more often. Normal human food can make pets sick and should thus be avoided. If you need to change the diet of your pet, it should be gradual to avoid stress to the pet. Ensure their eating place is quiet and protected to ensure their comfort.

  • Clean Water

I’m sure that you cannot take dirty water, right? You should apply the same standard when giving your pets drinking water. In other words, ensure the pet gets clean water.

  • Housing

A cool place to settle your pet is essential to its health and should not be downplayed. The house, whether cage, tank, should be safe and free from wind, rain, cold or hot sun. The pet should stay indoors at night to stay protected from bad weather and dangers such as coyotes attack at night. If the pet is treated like part of the family, it will be more bonded to you and your family.

  • Potty

Cats use litter boxes, dogs need special-lined areas. The potty should be regularly cleaned.

  • Walking and Playtime

Just like a person, pets need physical activity to keep fit. To this end, you should walk your dog to dog parks and let it play with others. If you live in a house with a yard, you can play fetch with your dog, run or hike. Cats too need exercise and playing with the car daily keeps it fit. Get cat toys so enable them play when you are not around. Exercise wheels on gerbils and hamsters cages will make them more comfortable and healthy.

  • Groom your pets

Wrapping a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon around a dog’s neck is important but certainly not enough. Pets need you to brush and comb their hair every day to get rid of lose fur, dust and leaves that may get tangled on its fur. Check for ticks and fleas. Bathe a dog every month and bathe a cat every after a few months.

  • Take Pets to a Veterinarian

Pets are often affected by diseases. Besides they need de-worming and spraying to get rid of fleas and ticks on their skins. A regular visit to a veterinarian comes handy and keeps the pets healthy.

Show love and affection to the pets

Pets are part of your family and as such, showing them love and affection will bring them much closer to you. This is achieved by spending time with the pet every day. You can have a few minutes after work when you play with the pet. Get ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon for the cat and the dog to play with.

By Pawz and Ribbon