What you need to know when traveling with Dogs

Nowadays, dogs have become part and parcel of families especially in America. It is no wonder dogs are not left behind even when families go for vacations. You will see dogs wrapped in ribbons from Pawz and Ribbon in dog parks, doggy spas and in other dog-friendly businesses. When traveling with your dog, it is important to consider, your destination, the activities you will carry out there and the time you will set aside for your dog on a daily basis. If you are not planning to visit pet-friendly destinations, it will be prudent to hire a pet-sitter or leave the pet with a friend.

Below are factors to consider when traveling with your dog:

Dog safety in short car rides

Most accidents occur at home and thus when traveling with your dog over short distances, it is important that you consider their safety. Even though your car is safe for your dog, you should always buckle it up to avoid accidents. You can get accident tested harnesses and/or dog seats to ensure the dog stays safe while traveling in your car. The dog should stay inside and never stick out the head through the window. The dog should be restrained in the back seat and should never ride in the front seat with you.

Long Car Rides

Dogs need to eat regularly and thus you should feed them before the long trip. You should also make stops after every two hours to feed your dog and offer water to it. Always have the dog collars on or just a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon with the owners name inscribed on it. This ensures that in case of an accident and the dog panics, you will get it back within a short time. Never leave the dog in your car even for a few minutes.


It is not advisable to fly with your dog. According to Catherine Miller, Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research director, dogs feel insecure flying and will be restless throughout the flight. However, if you must fly with your dog, ensure it is small enough to stay on the cabin with you. The dog should fit beneath your seat. Check with the airline policies before taking your dog with you. If the dog is big, choosing a good courier is important. The dog should be trained to stay for long lonesome hours in the crate. The crate should be comfortable for the dog with water and food for the dog.

Camping and Hotels

If you are going camping or you will be living in a hotel room, check the pet policies of the destinations to ensure that your pet has a place. Never let the dog run loose. There are dangers involved and since the dog loves new environments, you should restrict them. At night, the dog should always stay close to you. If you plan to live in a hotel, carry the dog crate and again have its collar on or a ribbon from Pawz and Ribbon.



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