Pawz and Ribbon is a home away from home for cats as well

Pawz and Ribbon

Pets are usually domesticated creatures that you can cuddle and who cuddle you back.  Their loyalty to their owners is probably the most adorable thing about them.  Dogs are the most common kind, but there are numerous other kinds of animals that can be cared for at home as pets.  But the second most popular pets would have to be cats.  Cats are cute and they basically need physical contact in a more extreme way than dogs.  If you need to get away for a while be it for pleasure, business, or work, you would like to ensure that your cat or cats do not miss the physical contact they crave for.  Pawz and Ribbon is a place where they can get the care that you yourself should be giving them but cannot for a period of time.

Different Breeds of Cats

  • Main Coon and Persian – Whatever type of cat you may have, Pawz and Ribbon is trained to care for him or her. The most common pet cats are the Main Coon and Persian cats.  The former is characterized by longish hair while the latter has a punchface.  But there are other cat breeds that are also popular around the world and which Pawz and Ribbon is trained to care for.
  • Oriental – The oriental cat is similar to the Siamese breed. It is very playful and may stand out because of its big and pointed hair.  It is highly sociable and bonds strongly with whomever owns them.
  • Birman – The Birman is thought to have originated from Burma. Its hair is long and silky though not as thick as that of the Persian cat.  Their most distinctive features would have to be their blue eyes and white paws.
  • Ragdoll – This cat got its name because of its attitude. It is very poor in defence and like a ragdoll, will not have reflexes in its defense whenever it is scooped up.  Due to this characteristic, it is important to guard it against possible harm from other animals or people.
  • Siamese – The Siamese is the 3rd most known cat following the Persian and the Main Coon. Their distinctive physical features are their ears and faces which have dark-colored patches.  They come in different colors of which brown is the more common.

All of the above cat breeds or more, will surely feel at home in Pawz and Ribbon, a well-trained and reliable animal shelter and hotel.