Pets, Pawz and Ribbon

Pawz and Ribbon

Pawz and Ribbon is an animal shelter that cares.  Many human beings have a natural capacity and inclination to nurture not only their own kind, but animals as well.  Be it individuals or families, people have a soft spot for certain animals especially those they can live with and care for in their own homes.  The list is long and include rabbits and birds among others.  But considered to be the most common pets people prefer to have are dogs and cats.  Whichever they are, Pawz and Ribbon can accommodate them.

Holiday Away From Home

Yes, Pawz and Ribbon is a place for your pets, be it for some time or a long time, for whatever reason.  You may be going on a holiday, travelling on business or for work, undergoing house repairs or renovation, or any other circumstance that calls for an alternative place and care for your pet.  It’s not just a home away from home, it’s a holiday away from home.  Pets are loved and considered part of the family, unfortunately it is not always possible to bring them along especially on long trips.  Well, your worries are over.

Keeping Them Healthy

Caring and loving your pets is their specialty.  Pets need to be taken cared of properly and correctly so they can be both healthy and happy.

  • Water – Pets need an ample amount of water intake everyday. And not just any water, but clean water.
  • Food – Older pets require to be fed just two times in a day, but younger ones require feeding more often.
  • Hygiene – Pets need to be cleaned or bathed regularly though not necessarily on a daily basis. The ears, teeth, and nails also need looking after.  Fleas, if any, must be spotted early on to prevent them from multiplying.
  • Grooming – This is a crossover from hygienic procedures that have to be conducted on pets. In addition, pets also need to look their best.  Their fur should be trimmed and brushed periodically.
  • Social development- Like people, pets should also learn to socialize and mingle with their kind. Making friend and learning to co-exist in an environment filled with similar creatures can be a happy experience for them which in turn, can significantly improve their wellbeing.

So give your pets a caring brand.  And let them wear it too by getting  them a beautiful Pawz and Ribbon collar now.