Pet Birds for Your Kids

Pet Birds

Having a pet at home requires a lot of responsibility. If you have kids at home then you should remain extra careful as the kids always turn out to be the worst pet caretakers. I still remember how I caused the death of my parrots as I left the cage uncovered in the cold night of January. I was just 7 years old by then. Despite the fact that kids are extremely untrained and silly caretakers, people always love to bring pets at home just to entertain their kids.


It is a thing to do as parents as the pets are good companions for your kids and they keep each other busy throughout the day.  It is important to know about the types of pet birds which are suitable for a family with kids. But before that you must take care of the following aspects.


  1. Guide you kids and make them aware of the fact that birds cannot eat things such as candies and junk food. Make them realize that they eat selective natural food and making them eat anything else could lead to the death of the bird.
  2. If you have prey birds at home then do not expect anything good from your kids. Prey birds have short temperament and they find their way to fly away.


Following are the birds you can keep as pets for your kids:



Canaries produce a lovely sound and keep on entertaining through their songs. They hardly come out of their cage. You just need to provide them with food and water. Clean their cage regularly. The average age of a canary is up to fifteen years.


Society Finch

Society Finches are available easily at the pet stores. You must keep them in pairs. They produce low sound and do not create mess. Their cage must have sufficient space for them to exercise their wings. The average age of a society finch is up to seven years.



Budgie belongs to the parrot family and is native to Australia. Budgies are extra ordinary pet birds. They are smaller in size as compared to the conventional parrots. They are also called Parakeet due to their small size. You can put their cage even inside your bedroom. They love to eat fresh vegetables. You must provide them with different toys as well. You can easily tame these birds. If left untamed then there will be no fun for your kids.

By Pawz and Ribbon