Red Fox – The Mystery Animal!

Wild animals have beauty and charisma of their own. There is no denying the fact that wild animals form the basis of a number of food chains and therefore these animals are very important as far as ecology of the world is concerned. These animals do contribute by maintaining different ecological processes as well and thus are essential to maintain normal ecosystem balance. And of those many wild animals which have always been the centre of attraction for human beings, red fox is an important one. Yes, red fox has been the subject of human wildlife studies since quite some years now. To get some interesting information on these animals, let’s read through the rest of the article.

Red fox is present pretty widely in most parts of the world. These animals are not social and are known as solitary animals.  They’ve got that special tendency of living alone. On an average, these foxes have an age of about four years. The male and the female of this animal can be distinguished by the color of the body and the size of the body. Males are generally larger in body size. The interesting thing about these animals is that these animals are found in a diverse range of habitats. They can be seen in deserts, can be found forests and can be sighted in tundra as well. Their range in terms of altitude varies from zero to about 5000 feet. This indeed is a special feature of these animals.

The den of red fox, be it a jungle or a desert, is always near a water source. For this reason, they are seen near ponds and rivers in forests. The population of the red fox has been pretty normal in last decade or so but it is still facing a lot of pressure from human beings. Human beings kill these foxes for the sake of their body fur. Other predators of this animal includes Wolves which kill these foxes for their food.

Many research studies have been carried out on the behavior and morphology of this animal. Currently this animal is being studies by international organizations like those of WWF and IUCN. Data about the population and number of individuals of this species is being collected from around the world to see if there is some kind of fluctuation in the number of these animals. It indeed is a wonderful animal to watch and study!

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