Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

A pet shop cannot be declared as complete without cats. Whenever we talk about pets, the first image which come to our mind is of a cat. Cats are known for their cute appearance, mischievousness and extremely affectionate physical contact. There are countless number of cat breeds that are found across the whole world. When talking about domestic pet cats we recall the longhair Maine Coon and punch faced Persian cats. But there are a number of other breeds loved by the people in different countries. Some of these are discussed in this article.

The Oriental Cat

This cat is closer to the Siamese. It has big pointed hair and is quite playful and curious about the surroundings. It is very social and creates strong bonds with the owners. It loves to communicate through different sounds and keeps on demanding from the owner. The average weight of an oriental cat is from 5 lb. to 8 lb. They can live up to 15 years but be careful that they suffer from dental plague so keep in touch with the veterinary doctor.

The Birman

Birman is said to be the native of Burma. According to the legends the Birman cats guarded the Burmese temples. This sturdy cat has long and silky hair. Its hair are thin as compared to the hair of Persian cat. There are dark points on its ears and is well known for its blue eyes. It also has snow white boots on its paws. It never disturbs you when you are busy but it loves to play with you during your free time.

The Ragdoll

This cat was named Ragdoll back in 1960s because it remains extremely relaxed when someone picks it up. It follows you from one room to the other just like a puppy. It does not use its teeth and claws during the playtime. It has a poor self-defense so you should not let aggressive animals come near the Ragdoll. The male Ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds which makes it a huge domestic cat. It can live up to 15 years but the average age is 12 years.


Siamese is the most popular pet cat after Persian and Maine Coon. Siamese cat breed is characterized by the dark patches on the face and ears. Siamese may have different colors the most common is brown. People all over the world keep Siamese at their homes just because of a cool and soothing look. These cats are quite loving and affectionate and your kids are going to love one of them at your home.

By Pawz and Ribbon


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