Indus Dolphin – A Treat To Watch

There is no second question about the fact that the aesthetic and essence of this world would have been incomplete without the presence of this diverse range of animals on our planet. These animals inhabiting terrestrial, marine and aerial environment are not only a great asset for the ecological balance of the world but also render great economic benefits to human beings. And one of those most beautiful animals which exist on our mother earth is Dolphin. Yes, it is a water animals classified as a wildlife species and is present in different regions of the world. To know more about different kinds of dolphins and the special characteristics this animal has, let’s dig into this article.

One of the most famous kinds of Dolphins is Indus Dolphin. Indus dolphin is present in the Indus river and its tributaries (Pakistan). The special characteristic of this animal is that it is found only in fresh water. This specie cannot be found in sea water. This animal has special breathing system and needs to get to the surface of the water once in a minute for the exchange of air with environment. Another very interesting feature of Dolphins is that these are technically blind animals and rely on their echo to locate things coming in their way. Dolphins are sideways swimmers and can swim across large distances in fresh water. These dolphins feed on small animals, insects and fish present in the fresh water. Dolphins love to stay in groups and are playful organisms. Many dolphins can be seen in water parks where these beautiful creatures are seen playing different games with human beings.

Recently, the population of Indus Dolphins has decreased to an alarming extent. And the reason behind this decrease in the population of dolphins is the over usage of fresh water for irrigation and industrial purpose and due to hunting of this animal. Many wildlife organization and governmental departments have declared the hunting of this animal as illegal. The conservation of Dolphin population is the top priority of many organization working on Indus river wildlife.

Thus, watching Indus Dolphin can be real treat if you’re a wildlife lover. This animal is actually worth seeing and one enjoys a lot watching its activities above the water. It is known to have friendly behavior with human beings and it for this reason it is completely safe to get nearer to these fish.

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