Most Loving Pets to Keep at Home

Most Loving Pets to Keep at Home


Nature has blesses mankind with plenty of gifts and surprises we come across each day. Animals and birds are one of the most amazing gift from nature. Human race has learned to stay with different domestic and non-domestic animals with the help of the experiences of the ancestors. Here is a list of some most loving pets which you can keep at home. These pets not only make you feel happy but also keep you busy and active.



When it comes to the pets, we cannot forget the role of dogs. Dog is said to be the most faithful companion of human being. It is a highly social animal and loves to live with a family. Dogs are quite intelligent as well. They perform different roles at home where they are kept. Dogs are playful and remain busy around the clock. They also watch the house in your absence and guarantee the security. While keeping a dog as a pet you should choose a friendly breed rather than terriers and other breeds known for fighting and aggression.



I know that every one of you is eager to read about cats. Cats are the cutest animals kept as a pet. They are friendly, playful and mischievous. Cat is a best choice as a pet when it comes to a family with kids. You should remain aware of the fact that a house with longhair cat breeds such as Persian Cats and Maine Coon should be kept clean every day. The reason is that longhair cat breeds shed a lot of hair during specific seasons and this hair can cause allergy. Cats are very intelligent and they get trained for the toilet with in a day or two. Once they know the place for litter, they never forget it.



It is very easy to manage rabbits as compared to the dogs. But it never means that they do not require attention. Rabbits are natural nibblers and you must keep them safe from the electric wires. You must have a small orchard in your house to keep rabbits. Rabbits stay under the ground and they dig underground tunnels. You can do this job on their behalf.



Those who love birds are always big lovers of parrots. Parrots are attractive and intelligent creature. They not only give a pleasant look but also have the ability to imitate your sounds. The average age of a parrot is much more than the cats or dogs. An African parrot can live up to 60 years.

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Red Fox – The Mystery Animal!

Wild animals have beauty and charisma of their own. There is no denying the fact that wild animals form the basis of a number of food chains and therefore these animals are very important as far as ecology of the world is concerned. These animals do contribute by maintaining different ecological processes as well and thus are essential to maintain normal ecosystem balance. And of those many wild animals which have always been the centre of attraction for human beings, red fox is an important one. Yes, red fox has been the subject of human wildlife studies since quite some years now. To get some interesting information on these animals, let’s read through the rest of the article.

Red fox is present pretty widely in most parts of the world. These animals are not social and are known as solitary animals.  They’ve got that special tendency of living alone. On an average, these foxes have an age of about four years. The male and the female of this animal can be distinguished by the color of the body and the size of the body. Males are generally larger in body size. The interesting thing about these animals is that these animals are found in a diverse range of habitats. They can be seen in deserts, can be found forests and can be sighted in tundra as well. Their range in terms of altitude varies from zero to about 5000 feet. This indeed is a special feature of these animals.

The den of red fox, be it a jungle or a desert, is always near a water source. For this reason, they are seen near ponds and rivers in forests. The population of the red fox has been pretty normal in last decade or so but it is still facing a lot of pressure from human beings. Human beings kill these foxes for the sake of their body fur. Other predators of this animal includes Wolves which kill these foxes for their food.

Many research studies have been carried out on the behavior and morphology of this animal. Currently this animal is being studies by international organizations like those of WWF and IUCN. Data about the population and number of individuals of this species is being collected from around the world to see if there is some kind of fluctuation in the number of these animals. It indeed is a wonderful animal to watch and study!

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Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

Best Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

A pet shop cannot be declared as complete without cats. Whenever we talk about pets, the first image which come to our mind is of a cat. Cats are known for their cute appearance, mischievousness and extremely affectionate physical contact. There are countless number of cat breeds that are found across the whole world. When talking about domestic pet cats we recall the longhair Maine Coon and punch faced Persian cats. But there are a number of other breeds loved by the people in different countries. Some of these are discussed in this article.

The Oriental Cat

This cat is closer to the Siamese. It has big pointed hair and is quite playful and curious about the surroundings. It is very social and creates strong bonds with the owners. It loves to communicate through different sounds and keeps on demanding from the owner. The average weight of an oriental cat is from 5 lb. to 8 lb. They can live up to 15 years but be careful that they suffer from dental plague so keep in touch with the veterinary doctor.

The Birman

Birman is said to be the native of Burma. According to the legends the Birman cats guarded the Burmese temples. This sturdy cat has long and silky hair. Its hair are thin as compared to the hair of Persian cat. There are dark points on its ears and is well known for its blue eyes. It also has snow white boots on its paws. It never disturbs you when you are busy but it loves to play with you during your free time.

The Ragdoll

This cat was named Ragdoll back in 1960s because it remains extremely relaxed when someone picks it up. It follows you from one room to the other just like a puppy. It does not use its teeth and claws during the playtime. It has a poor self-defense so you should not let aggressive animals come near the Ragdoll. The male Ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds which makes it a huge domestic cat. It can live up to 15 years but the average age is 12 years.


Siamese is the most popular pet cat after Persian and Maine Coon. Siamese cat breed is characterized by the dark patches on the face and ears. Siamese may have different colors the most common is brown. People all over the world keep Siamese at their homes just because of a cool and soothing look. These cats are quite loving and affectionate and your kids are going to love one of them at your home.

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Marco Polo Sheep – A Stunning Animal!

The world around us is so deep, so vast and so mysterious that it sometimes stuns human mind by unfolding its secrets. There was once a time when man used to think he was the only creature on earth. With the passage of time, man discovered some other living species and this process of exploring new animal species kept on going and is still in progress. Millions of new species of plants and animals have been reported in the past few centuries. Marco Polo sheep, for example, is one such specie which was reported for the first time some 700 years ago. It is a beautiful, exciting-to-watch and ecologically important animal species. To know more about it, let’s read through this article.

Marco Polo sheep was first reported by the famous Marco Polo in 13th century and thus this sheep was named after him. This sheep is a little different from ordinary sheep found in plain areas. It is generally present at higher altitudes in countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. It is also the national animal of Afghanistan. It has characteristic folded horns which give it an elegant and unfamiliar look. These animals love to stay in groups. In summer season, they divide and spend their time as individuals and in winters they gather back to form groups. The purpose of forming groups is to avoid the attack of predators which are generally very active during the winter season.

It is interesting to know that the female of these animals does not have horns. Therefore, it becomes a differentiating feature in the gender of this sheep. In case of males, the horns have specialized rings around them. The number of these rings increase with an increase in the age of the sheep. Thus, the age of the male can be determined by counting these rings.

The population of Marco Polo sheep is decreasing with the passage of time. IUCN and other international organizations have declared special programs for the revival and conservation of the population of this animal. This animals earns local communities a great deal of capital in terms of tourists’ activities. In some areas it is also used for meat, through it is really difficult to catch and hunt this sheep. If you ever happen to be in these areas, do try seeing these sheep running across meadows. It would be a treating watching these sheep.

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Introduction to Dog Shows

Introduction to Dog Shows

Pawz and Ribbon
Line of Dogs

Out on the bench a beautiful fully trained dog is waiting to be carefully chosen as a champion. The judges know that each dog is an unique, loved individual with characteristics that will make a good match with what is required for the cream of the crop. With Pawz and Ribbon, you can get your dog ready for a show because the purpose after all is to show dog lovers and breeders what the standard is for a particular breed. It is also a great idea for anyone looking to buy a new family pet because they get to check out different breeds and also talk to breeders and owners.

Each Breed of Dog Has a Standard to Live Up To

General appearance of the dog, his temperament, condition of his coat, eye colour, ear shape and tail will give the judges an idea as to his breeding, his pedigree and his condition and health. Dog shows are all different; some are for every breed, some are for registered pure-bred dogs and some are just for lots of fun with no serious judging and no serious rules and regulations either.

The more serious dog shows are designed to evaluate good breeding stock and to determine the dog’s ability to produce strong healthy puppies. Each breed of dog has a standard; a description of what the particular breed is like; whether it is a working-type dog for instance and how an ideal specimen of that particular breed should ideally look like.

The Points Add Up for the Champs

The dog will be competing with other dogs from its breed and sex and dogs are awarded points. These points can be earned from different dog shows and the dog becomes a champion once it earns 15 points from 3 different judges. It must also achieve 2 major wins from different judges. Dogs earn these points at specialty shows where dogs are separated into groups such as puppy, which is a class for dogs between 6 months and 12 months. Dogs and bitches are also judged individually but at dog shows, the dogs enter and exit the show ring several times to be thoroughly looked over and finally the best are awarded a ribbon.

Lots of Useful Information on Dog Shows

New to dog shows? You can do research and find out about up and coming shows on the Internet and you’ll get lots of useful information about dog shows, the rules and regulations and how to prepare a dog to enter into a competition. Once you opted for a class to enter your dog into, you will need to complete an entry form which serves to declare that your dog is fit and healthy to take part in the dog show. With Pawz and Ribbon, you can get your dog ready to stand out at a dog show by being well groomed and having the right collar and leash to match.

Show Dogs are Well-behaved

Your dog will need to be kept on a lead with collar so as to be under control at the show because a dog show is all about a good day out with lots of fun where you can view well behaved dogs and perhaps match a yellow Labrador, an intelligent German Shepherd or a loyal and amicable Boxer to your family circle soon.

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Indus Dolphin – A Treat To Watch

There is no second question about the fact that the aesthetic and essence of this world would have been incomplete without the presence of this diverse range of animals on our planet. These animals inhabiting terrestrial, marine and aerial environment are not only a great asset for the ecological balance of the world but also render great economic benefits to human beings. And one of those most beautiful animals which exist on our mother earth is Dolphin. Yes, it is a water animals classified as a wildlife species and is present in different regions of the world. To know more about different kinds of dolphins and the special characteristics this animal has, let’s dig into this article.

One of the most famous kinds of Dolphins is Indus Dolphin. Indus dolphin is present in the Indus river and its tributaries (Pakistan). The special characteristic of this animal is that it is found only in fresh water. This specie cannot be found in sea water. This animal has special breathing system and needs to get to the surface of the water once in a minute for the exchange of air with environment. Another very interesting feature of Dolphins is that these are technically blind animals and rely on their echo to locate things coming in their way. Dolphins are sideways swimmers and can swim across large distances in fresh water. These dolphins feed on small animals, insects and fish present in the fresh water. Dolphins love to stay in groups and are playful organisms. Many dolphins can be seen in water parks where these beautiful creatures are seen playing different games with human beings.

Recently, the population of Indus Dolphins has decreased to an alarming extent. And the reason behind this decrease in the population of dolphins is the over usage of fresh water for irrigation and industrial purpose and due to hunting of this animal. Many wildlife organization and governmental departments have declared the hunting of this animal as illegal. The conservation of Dolphin population is the top priority of many organization working on Indus river wildlife.

Thus, watching Indus Dolphin can be real treat if you’re a wildlife lover. This animal is actually worth seeing and one enjoys a lot watching its activities above the water. It is known to have friendly behavior with human beings and it for this reason it is completely safe to get nearer to these fish.

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